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    ¿Art for Ukraine?

    By now you probably know what is happening in Ukraine and you may feel helpless and terrified of what may happen. You don't have to, you can take action. DONATE!

    If you donate 15 USD or more, you will be eligible to recieve an sketch from one talented artist.

    There are 100+ artists participating and working hard. We reached almost 25K USD with 500+ donations. There are a lot of available slots waiting for you! Come on, join us and help Ukraine 💙 💛


    There are 4 simple steps you need to do:

    1. Donate 15 USD or more to one of the entities.

    2. Save a picture of the payment screen the amount and transaction ID must be visible) that you will share with one of the organizers later.

    3. Check our Trello board and choose one artist with free slots available. Some artist may have special slots!

    4. Contact one of the Trello organizers and send them your proof picture and the name of the artist. If everything is fine, done! Don't forget to provide some reference pictures and a brief description!

    Where can you donate?

    Here are the organizations you can donate to:

    Here is a direct link to the donation page:

    Trello Board

    Have you done the donation (15 USD or more)? Check the current available artist list and choose one to do an awesome sketch. Then contact the organizers. All the information here:

    Charity stream

    Explore the channels of some artists that are streaming on Picarto.tv while doing sketches. Take a look:

    Sketch Gallery